Meet David!  Perhaps even more importantly, meet David’s mother.  A year ago David, from Abutia Teti, could not walk or sit independently. David’s mother, Eunice, is a member of Abutia Teti’s Parent Self-Help Group which was formed by Kekeli Ghana. During group meetings, we discuss the rights of persons with disabilities and how their children can lead independent lives. David’s mother has been an inspiration to Kekeli Ghana. David is one of four children, and his father has been very ill and unable to work. Eunice has sacrificed her time and money to send David to a physical therapy program through the Nsawam Orthopedic Training Center at a village near Abutia. David and his mother stay at the physical therapy center and go through training every day. David is now five years old and walking with support from braces and a walker. It is hoped that when David can walk with  crutches, they will be able to return to Abutia.  He is just beginning to walk with crutches.  David cannot speak, and Kekeli Ghana is now planning a training program in speech therapy for David’s mother and other parents to use with their children.


David looking up at his mother, Eunice before a Kekeli meeting.  His younger brother sits next to them.

David, who could not walk one year ago, is now using crutches, a tribute to his mother’s dedication and sacrifice.